Q: Can I apply for Child Care funding from the Ministry?

A: Families can apply online at https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/family-social-supports/caring-for-young-children/child-care-funding/child-care-benefit

If a family receives approval for the Affordable Child Care Benefit Program, a letter from the Ministry will be sent to our community centre confirming the approved funding amount and funding period. During the funding period, the approved funding amount will subtracted from the child care monthly fees and will be applied at time of registration. Funding can be refunded back to families if their funding period includes the months they have paid for child care fees in full upfront.

Q: When is the latest I need to pick-up my child from program?

A: Out of School Care ends at 6:00 pm. Authorized pick-up must pick-up by 6:00 pm. If a guardian or authorized pick-up person will be late, they must contact the Out of School Care program.

Late pick-up fees will be applied if late-up occurs a second time.

For Preschool: Legal guardians or authorize pick-up persons must pick-up the child by end of class time. If a guardian or authorized pick-up person will be late, they must contact the Director or Preschool Program by phone.

Late pick-up fees will be applied if late-up occurs a second time.

Q: What if I need for someone else to pick-up my child?

A: Legal guardians may permit others to pick-up their child from our child care programs by adding the permitted persons to their child’s authorized pick-up list. On the first time an authorized person picks-up the child, they will be asked to provide legal picture identification to verify their name on the authorized pick-up list.

Q: Do children need to wear masks in the program? Do your staff wear masks while in the program?

A: Information from the BC Centre for Disease Control Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings: http://www.bccdc.ca/Health-Info-Site/Documents/COVID_public_guidance/Guidance_Child_Care.pdf

“Based on our understanding of COVID-19 in children and adults, in childcare settings:
Children may wear a mask based on personal or family choice;

Child care staff should supervise and support children to ensure safe and proper use if masks are worn.

Child care staff and other adults should wear a mask when indoors and interacting with other adults except when
• they can consistently maintain physical distance, or
• there is a barrier in place, or
• eating and drinking.”

Q: What if my child needs to go to the bathroom during program- do they go alone?

A: For School-Age Out of School Care: Our centre facility washrooms are located inside the facility. Children in kindergarten- Grade 2 are escorted to the bathroom by an adult staff. Children in grade 3-4 may go to the centre bathroom in pairs (two children together) without an adult staff escort.

For Preschool: Preschool children are escorted to the bathroom and back to the program room by an adult Preschool Instructor.

Q: For Out of School Care- How will my child get from the Hamilton School side to the community centre program room?

A: Children in grade 2-7 are expected to walk from the classrooms to our program rooms by 2:55 pm. Children in kindergarten to grade 1 will be picked-up from the classroom by a Child Care Staff to be escorted to our program rooms.

Q: How many children and staff are in the programs?

A: Maximum capacity for Out of School Care:

Junior 1 program (kindergarten- Gr.1): 21 children with 2 adults (depending on registration). Operate at 1:12 ratio (1 adult per 12 children).

Junior 2 program (Gr.1-2): 23 children with 2 adults (depending on registration). Operate at 1:12 ratio (1 adult per 12 children).

Middle/Senior Program (Gr.4-7): 15 children with 1-2 adults(depending on registration). Operate at 1:15 ratio (1 adult per 15 children).

Maximum capacity for Preschool: 20 children with 2 adult Preschool Instructors (depending on registration). Operate at 1:10 ratio (1 adult per 10 children). A program with 10 registered children or less may have 1 Preschool Instructor.

Q: What kind of snacks do you provide for Out of School Care?

A: Our healthy snacks follow the Canada Food Guide, with providing a snack of 2 food groups (For example, cheese and crackers and fruit). Snack options are also based on the interest of the children.

Q: What if my child needs to be absent from care due to vacation, sickness etc. Do we get a refund or discount from monthly fees?

A: No portion of Child Care month fees are refunded if a family does not attend care due to vacation or personal reasons. All monthly fees must be paid in full if children are registered and choose not to attend. Failure to do so may result in formal withdrawal from the program. If a child is unable to attend the program due to illness, Child Care fees will not be reduced or refunded. In the event of prolonged illness (i.e., more than 15 sessions of child care), fees may be adjusted pending approval from HCA’s Child Care Committee (a note from the child’s physician will be required before fee reduction is considered).

Q: Are Pro-D Days, Spring Break, Winter Break, and Summer Break included in the School-Year monthly fees?

A: Scheduled Professional Day care, Spring Break Daycamp and Winter Break Daycamp care are included in our Full-time (Morning Care and After Care) and Monday-Friday After Care fees.

Summer break care is not included in our School-Year child care monthly fees.

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